Project LemonBread – Moments

Our first gathering for The Game Creation Project happened at on Thurssay 07-07-2022 organized by Miltos Despoudis. We are going to organize more gathering events to showcase our results and to bring in more people. The project is now having the codename LemonBread, so from now on we are called the LemonBread team. More info…

Events for February

Since lockdown is still active we can only do our events online. All of them are now listed for February. Check them out here Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Eventbrite.

New Watercolor & Oil Painting Lessons

We have listed most of the watercolor lessons and oil painting lessons for January 2021. Since we are already living in a lockdown period here in Berlin most of them are being held online. What is new on the website? Oil Painting Course page A dedicated page for the oil painting course. Here you will…

New Casual Events – Look Around

We started doing the Look Around online events where we just put our webcams and we cowork together. It is not only about art. Some will also cook, clean or read something. They will be usually announced a day before. If you want see the next event it is here: Art Lesssons Starting from 2021…

MHAS Drawing Online for some time

Since in Germany we are doing having a minor lockdown due to covid-19. We are doing our events online via Zoom. Check out our events page for the upcoming events.

Moment From the Last MHAS Drawing

Just before the lockdown in Berlin we were drawing at MHAS Drawing Session.Everyone here is from our event. For only a month during the lockdown we are doing these session online, every Sunday. Check out the events page for the next one.