Watercolor Painting Course

This lesson is an online course that is aimed at introducing the painting process with watercolor as the main medium. These 1 hour lessons cover the various watecolor techniques and methodologies.

It is suitable for beginners and or even professionals who want to rationalize the watercolor painting process. It is being hosted by the visual artist Miltos Despoudis. You will need check the upcoming events to see which lesson is listed at the moment. There will be a restart of the lesson course once it reaches the end. Upon request there is also the possibility to start a second group parallel to the one that is already going on.

Creative Sessions is an art group based in Berlin, Germany. We organize events that were mostly in-person but now also online.

The total lessons listed below are not finalized. This means that at the moment that many more are being added at the end of the list each month.

Lesson Plan

#1 The Setup

In this lesson you will learn to work with the colors and how to properly start and finish your watercolor session. This is an overview of the painting process and the understanding of the medium.

#2 Color Sketching

In this lesson you will see how to sketch with watercolors, making lines with the brush. This is an exploration of sketching, the posibility of play and the discovery of new artwork ideas.

#3 Paper Surface

In this lesson we will have an overview of papers and alternative surfaces to paint with watercolors. We will try to understand how to choose the quality that suits to our painting style.

#4 Basic Techniques

An overview of the basic watercolor painting techniques. This is a helpful guide on deciding what can work best for you. In reality the basic way of working can be taught very fast. You will learn to understanding the limits of the medium and to being consistent

#5 Working with Studies

In this lesson you will learn an approach into making a practical schedule of your watercolor exercises. You will learn how to rationalize an art study and an artwork.

#6 Masking

In this lesson you will learn how you can mask areas for later use, the benefits and the problems that come up and how to handle unexpected mistakes.

#7 Wet Painting

In this lesson you will see how to paint on a wet surface with watercolors. You will be able to predict the forms that can be easily created with this technique.

#8 Dry Painting

In this lesson you will see how to paint on a dry surface with watercolors. You will be able to visualize the process and predict the tendency of the technique.

#9 Textures

In this lesson you will learn how to create textures of the watercolor forms. This can be done either by constructing them with the use of brushstrokes or by using props like salt, plastic bags and other materials.

#10 Material Mixing

In this lesson you will learn how you can combine watercolors with other materials such as ink, egg tempera, gouache, acrylics.

#11 Still Life

In this lesson you will learn the characteristics of still life subjects. Typically, these can be any object that you place in front of you. You will learn how to approach such a composition and what are the most common problems.

#12 Landscapes

This lesson is about the characteristics of painting landscapes with watercolors.

#13 Figures

This lesson is about learning how to paint a human figure with watercolors.

#14 Face & Body

This lesson is about painting a face that is connected to the head and the rest elements of the canvas.

#15 The Illusion of Forms

This lesson is about understanding the importance of managing forms in a very detail painting or in a purely abstract one.

#16 -Coming Soon-