These are the lessons currently availiable:

Watercolor Painting Course

This lesson is a course that is aimed at introducing the painting process with watercolor as the main medium. These lessons cover the various watecolor techniques and methodologies.

Watercolor Workshop with a Life Model

A workshop where we practice our watercolor skills with exercises and a life model posing. Each session is unique and personalized. On each session will be have challenging artistic tasks, art games and critic.

Painting Workshop – Oil & Acrylics

This is a painting workshop with the goal of teaching people how to create painting using either oil colors or acrylics.

Small Room Online – Painting & Drawing Workshop

A personalized online art workshop for either pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylics or oil colors.

Private Painting & Drawing Lessons

Personalized painting or drawing lessons by the visual artist Miltos Despoudis. Lessons can occur either in-person in Berlin.