Private Painting & Drawing Lessons

Personalized painting or drawing lessons by the visual artist Miltos Despoudis. Lessons can occur either in-person in Berlin.

Miltos is specialized in figurative art, oil colors, acrylics. He is has a background in academic drawing and painting techniques. If you want guidance on how to organize your workflow, which materials to choose and why, for each specific art project these lessons will be of great help.

This course is personalized and adapted for the level of each individual participant. Whether you are a beginner and you are constantly facing problems or you are an advanced artist but you need some guidance to make you go to the next step.

Possible things you might want to learn:

  • How to prepare a canvas for oil or acrylics
  • How to organize the palette with the colors.
  • How to work in layers with oil colors.
  • How to work in layers in acrylics (which is different)
  • How to use watercolors, inks, fresh egg tempera.
  • How to finish an artwork. Also the technical aspect of it.
  • How to make useful draft drawings for an artwork.
  • How to manage big surfaces, big canvases, walls.
  • How to use visual depth, plasticity.
  • How to balance color hues and saturation.
  • How to plan series of works.

Lessons can be given in English [or Greek].
The lessons can also be given to any age, also to children, from the age of 14 to 98.

Tutor for the course is the visual artist Miltos Despoudis, born in 1986 Greek.
He is the founder of Creative Sessions, organizer of most events here. Also founder of Opse Project art events, Bryopsis GameStudio and Creativity Ink Podcasts.
Find more about his art below.
Digital Illustrations:

Physical Course: 20€ per hour for one person. *
*For long physical sessions, more than 3 hours, the price is reduced. For Groups, more than one person, the price is reduced too.

A a place of your decision, anywhere in Berlin.

Cash or Card at the event.

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