Open Call – “CS Drawings 1”

We are making our first drawing group exhibition. If you have made drawings at one of our events in the past then you might be able to take part in our upcoming exhibition. The aim of the exhibition is to showcase a variety of different drawing styles and types, and also to be a meeting point for all of us to talk and discuss! Not to mention that we will be able to see a lot of drawings at the same time exhibited together.

The exhibition will take place at The Word cafe at Willmanndamm 4, 10827 Berlin, Germany.
Exhibition Opening: Friday 27.SEP.2019 at 19:00
Exhibition Duration: 28.SEP.2019 – 29.SEP.2019 from 13:00-18:00

Who can apply?

  1. You have made drawings in one of our events with Creative Sessions in the past. You can apply with any type of drawings or artwork type. You have to have it made at our events though.
  2. You are member of our Creative Sessions meetup group, which is free to do ( )

How do I apply?

Send us an email at
with the title Open Call – “CS Drawings 1”

We need the following:
-Your Full Name
-Your meetup profile name
-At least 3 good photos of the drawings you wish to exhibit. Please mention the Size and the Material of the drawings.

Deadline for the submissions is Saturday 22th of September 2019

If I am selected?

If you are selected to exhibit, you will need to bring the selected drawings at the venue at least 3 days before the opening. The drawings will need to stay for the duration of the exhibition, which is almost 3 days. Then you need to come and pick them up.

The artworks need to be framed, and they should also have a Hanger or a Wire behind them so that we can hang them on the wall. If your drawings cannot be hanged on the wall there is the possibility for some of them to be put on a table. Some people have Drawing books that they cannot remove the drawings. In that case the artist needs to prepare the drawing book inside, so that it is protected. Try to use fixativ for example.

Your drawings will also be include in our online catalog, with your name and description.

If I am not selected?

That is not the end of the story. You can still bring your drawings at the exhibition opening. We will not be able to put them on the walls or the tables, because of the space limitation. The drawings to be selected are not nesessarily the best. The decision over which drawings will be exhibited will be made on this in mind “which drawings showcase what Creative Sessions is”. There will also be more exhibition like this in the future!


By participating on this event you agree that photos and videos will be made of you and your drawings. The drawings exhibited will not be insured. We are not liable for any damaged done to them during the exhibition duration. During the duration of the exhibition there will always be a person looking after the drawings, we will do our best to avoid any damages.